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5 Iconic Interior Design Styles: A Perfect Guide To Find Best Interior Theme for You.

We all know that the perfect time to revamp your home / space is during the changing of the seasons.

Thinking woman to decide her DIY project

You may not decide the interior design style to go for. We feel you. There are so many beautiful and cool interior design styles but it is difficult to find the look that is best suited for you.

Do not worry, my dear friends. We will help you find the best interior design style for you and recommend the best Renoboard to match your interior style.


1) Modern Interior

modern living room interior design idea

One of the most popular term in design world is Modern. Modern interior design stands for the 20th century design, following the Modernist art movement. Modern interiors focus on function, material, and technology. Modernist interiors are represented by sophisticated composition of lines and shapes with their functional values.

To achieve your Modern interior design, we recommend Stone Renoboard collection. Stone renoboards are easy to align to fit the forms while having a realistic look of stone with innovative material.

2) Contemporary Interior

Gray Living Room Interior Design Idea

Contemporary interior design is simple yet embraces trends of the given time. It can be explained by balanced simplicity providing visual gratification while having efficiency.

Marble Renoboard collection is best to complete your contemporary interior design look with its trendy yet everlasting beauty

3) Minimalistic Interior

Minimalistic interior design idea for cafe, small business.

As the term "Minimal" infers, Minimalistic designs are represented by the words clean and simple. In general, minimalistic interior design has a neutral tone to complete a flawless look of all components: wall, floor, light, and furniture. One of the most important part of Minimalistic designs is texture to create a focal point while not being distracting to whole look.

Solid Renoboard collection will perfectly blend into your minimalistic interior look with its soft hues and sleek finish.

4) Rustic Interior

Rustic Farmhouse Interior Design Idea

Rustic interior design can be explained as a full indulgence of natural material, industrial texture, and farmhouse mood. From its root of the Romantic movement, the wood look admires the effortless natural beauty.

Achieve an effortless cool mood of rustic farmhouse look with Wood Renoboard collection.

5. Scandinavian Design

Rustic Interior Design Idea

Cozy and relaxing with soft and organic materials. Scandinavian interior design look uses soft hues, which gives an airy and inviting vibe. Not busy with any style, due to its root "hygge life", wood is widely used for this style to give a comfortability to space.

Add an organic touch to your dreamy Scandinavian interior look  with Wood Renoboard collection.

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