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Embrace trendy color of the year 2021 for your fall home decor!

happy fall! It's time to start fall home decor with Renoboard

Happy Fall Y'all! It's officially Autumn...!

There are so many fall festivities that needs to be done to celebrate the cozy season: go to pumpkin patch, have a picnic, bake a cinnamon apple crisp, grab a PSL, and decorate your place!

What will be the trend you need to try for this Fall 2021 interior?

In this blog post, we will introduce how to blend trendiness of this year's pantone color to revamp your place.

Pantone color of the year 2021: Ultimate gray + Illuminating
Embrace strength and hopefulness with the color of the year by Pantone: Ultimate Gray + Illuminating Yellow

During this difficult time, Pantone selected calming gray and bright yellow as the colors of 2021 to deliver positive energy with firm bravery.

Home and Gardens states that using gray and yellow colors in interior design is one of the top 25 trends in 2021. 

With a variety of gray shades in Renoboard, it will be difficult to choose which gray decorative board is the best for your space! So, we wanted to help you  start your journey for trendy 2021 interior with different gray Renoboard. We will be showing various interior design themes including the Renoboard.


1) Minimalistic interior look with Dove Gray Renoboard
Minimalistic dining room interior with Dove Gray Renoboard; Trendy gray interior for 2021

If you are the person who says "Simple is the Best.", our clean and simple Dove Grey solid Renoboard will be your best choice! Dove Grey Renoboard has light and soft gray hue that works anywhere.

Product: Dove Gray Renoboard


2) Classic effortless chic interior look with Cement Stone Renoboard

Modern dining room interior with Cement Stone Renoboard; Trendy gray interior for 2021

Shout out to those who always pay attention to detail! We present Cement Stone Renoboard: a subtle pattern resembling natural cement stone perfectly meets your subtle taste for detail-oriented interior lovers.

Product: Cement Stone Renoboard


3) Luxury modern interior look with Pietra Marble Renoboard

Trendy and Luxurious dining room interior with Pietra Marble Renoboard; Trendy gray interior for 2021

For those who love elegance, our Pietra Marble Renoboard completes your luxury interior design project with everlasting beauty of the marble pattern. Indulge in sophisticated luxury design with medium gray Pietra Marble Renoboard.

Product: Pietra Marble Renoboard


4) Rustic interior look with Ask Oak Renoboard

Rustic dining room interior with Ash Oak Renoboard; Trendy gray interior for 2021

If you are falling in love with rustic farmhouse or mid-century modern interior design styles, Ash Oak Renoboard can elevate the rustic mood by adding a touch of natural organic wood design. Enjoy the beautiful grayish brown hue while providing an unique texture with realistic wooden finish.

Product: Ash Oak Renoboard


Can you feel the impact the various shades of gray has on the whole interior look?

From minimalistic, modern to rustic, gray hues can cover every design themes you can think of!

Now, it's the time to select your favorite gray Renoboard for trendy fall space improvements!
Don't forget the fact that Renoboard is here for you to help you cozy up your space up easily.

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