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Renoboard: the best options for wall interior (complete guide compare to traditional wallpapers)

Decorating the walls is one of the most important parts of home improvement projects and commercial renovations. Beautiful interior walls can provide exceptional visual impact, adding texture and making the space to fit the desired look. 

Then, what are the options for wall interiors?

We're sure you are familiar with the traditional wallpaper to cover up your wall surfaces. However, the latest trend has been using peel-and-stick technology for easier and less messy installation. Thus, we will be comparing with the most recent introduction to the DIY renovation world: The Renoboard!

In this post, we will be covering the differences between Renoboard and traditional wallpaper.

1. Durability

Most of the wallpaper is made up of thin vinyl paper. They are easy to tear, scratch, stain, and wear out as time goes by. Compared to this fragility of traditional wallpaper, Renoboard is far more durable with its special thick board structure. Renoboard has 4 unique layers - PP deco sheet, flexible foam board, PE foam layer, and an adhesive layer. These special 4 layers help Renoboard last longer, free from deform, stains, and damage. The topmost layer - PP deco sheet - has a solid surface that is strong against stains and scratches. Also, Renoboard is waterproof and thus, it can even be installed in the shower. 

2. Easy Installation

easy peel and stick decorative board - Renoboard

Have you ever experienced difficulty installing wallpaper installation? Maybe it is too hard to control a large, flexible, and thin sheet, especially by yourself. Plus, maybe there's glue everywhere and it may stain your clothes and other areas.  Sometimes, you may even have to call your partner, family member, or friend to help out on the project. 

With Renoboard, you have full control over your project. Renoboard is a thick decorative wallboard that can cover large areas with easy-to-handle flexibility. So, you can definitely complete a simple DIY interior project by yourself within a few hours! It helps you to save time and energy while providing amazing results.

Also, Renoboard does not require any additional glue due to its strong commercial-grade backing adhesive. While it is thick and sturdy, it can be cut and trimmed by scissors, box cutters, or utility shears. 

3. Safe material

Renoboard is made up of polypropylene (PP) which is considered the safest material among plastics by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). PP is a FDA-approved material for food contact. Renoboard is free from 6 toxic heavy metals - lead, mercury, cadmium, PBBs, PBDEs, chromium. 

Nursery room interior idea with Renoboard, decorative board for kid room

If you care about safety and design at the same time, Renoboard may be the best choice for you.

4. Quality

Renoboard is not just a printed vinyl, it has real texture and finishes. Wood collection shows a perfect resemble of the natural wood pattern and texture while being very lightweight. Stone collection has amazing realistic porous effects that can still be easily cleaned. Marble and Solid collections embrace clean and soft finishes besides their beautiful colors that can help you maintain the surface of the boards.

Also, our unique layers provide special functions to this magical board. The flexible foam board maintains the flat and even surface and adds an insulating function. The specially developed PE foam layer helps increase adhesion. 


5. Tips to select right option for wall interior

When you make a decision, you should consider the type of space, whole design look, texture, and color. Overall mood and theme of the interior are big factore when selecting a specific style that works best for your project. All Renoboards has their own beauty and offer different kinds of styles that you can  choose. So no matter what, the end of the project result will be incredibly wonderful!

If you have any problems with selecting Renoboard from our beautiful collections, we are always here to help you.

peel and stick decorative wall renoboard - various design collections

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