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Why Renoboard is great for any projects? Versatility of Renoboard for your projects.

People who visit us often ask: Where can I install Renoboard?

As an up-to-date peel and stick decorative board, our answer is simple- “Renoboard has no limits.”

Everyone has different budgets, goals, and plans as well as various project spaces and characteristics. We believe home décor products should have versatility that would enhance anyone's unique spaces.

  1. Waterproof & Insulating

Renoboard is carefully created with waterproof technology that can be installed in the shower and bathtub. It also provides an insulating function by lowering thermal conductivity.

  1. Flexible and easy to trim

Unlike real wood or stone, Renoboard is very flexible and can be easily trimmed with scissors, box cutters, or utility shears. You do not need to have any special tools for your project!

  1. Various patterns and finishes with 4 different collections

To meet your interior design expectations and goals, our Renoboard collection has various patterns and finishes that you can choose from!

Renoboard adds warmth and coziness to your kids room...
Cute and cozy kids room with beige brown wooden wall frosted birch renoboard
Renoboard creates a unique texture to your modern and luxury living room
modern luxury living room interior design with gray marble pietra renoboard
Renoboard builds a contemporary and trendy look to your office
contemporary and simple gray office interior with cement renoboard
Renoboard adds a unique touch to your business space, and so much more!
warm and cozy, simple neutral cafe interior with soft beige Renoboard











We admire creativity, especially when it comes to making your own interior designs for your home or your company. Pair different colors, styles, and patterns to create your own unique space with Renoboard.

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